We provide strategic advice to a wide range of clients across a broad range of sectors.

Key sectors we work in are described below.

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Water & the Environment

ARGO have prepared numerous consent applications, including stormwater and wastewater discharge consents, air discharge consents, discharge to land consents, river, lake and ground water take consents, land use consents, and trade waste agreement applications.

ARGO's work also includes ongoing river, lake and air monitoring, water and air quality surveys, ecological surveys, marine and aquatic ecology assessments, noise surveys, social surveys, and community consultation.

ARGO provides strategic advice on national, regional and district plan changes, proposed changes in government legislation, and expert advice on compliance, enforcement and litigation.

Water & the Environment Projects
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Infrastructure & Industry

ARGO has extensive experience providing environmental and social management services to support the compliance of a range of industries.  

Whether it be transportation (e.g. roads, bridges, ports and airports), power generation and transmission, telecommunications, or extractive and processing industries, ARGO's detailed understanding of a large range of infrastructure and industry activities enable us to effectively engage with stakeholders, proponents and regulators, and allows us to efficiently guide development projects through the regulatory process, decreasing the time and cost of implementation.  

ARGO can oversee your environmental program and develop management plans and strategies to enable your business to operate effectively, while maintaining compliance and promoting environmental stewardship.

Infrastructure & Industry Projects
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Renewable Energy

ARGO has considerable experience working with a wide range of renewable energy developers, including hydropower, wind, solar and marine energy (including tide and wave) projects throughout New Zealand and internationally.  ARGO's team works closely with the proponent and engineering design teams to fully understand the project characteristics and concerns, to assist navigate the regulatory environment and facilitate project compliance, and while ensuring environmental and social considerations are fully incorporated into renewable energy projects.

Renewable Energy Projects
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International Development

ARGO has a multidisciplinary team of professionals and external associates with international development project experience throughout the Pacific, Asia and Africa. ARGO has worked on development projects in at least 12 different Pacific countries over the past 15 years.

ARGO has extensive experience benchmarking development projects (e.g. hydropower, subsea cables, and transportation infrastructure) against host-country environmental and social laws and regulations, as well as international standards such as World Bank Environmental and Social Framework, IFC Performance Standards and ADB Safeguard Policies.

ARGO is therefore well positioned to independently review, implement, monitor and objectively report on projects subject to the environmental and social requirements of international financing institutions and aid agencies.

International Development Projects